Why Move When You Can Renovate!

If you love your current neighbourhood and your home has good bones then renovating may be a better option for you than selling up and moving on. If you are thinking of moving because your home is too small and an extra bedroom or a home office/studio space would be useful, then a renovation or addition could be a much cheaper solution than relocating.

Consider the process to move house: you would need to prepare your house for sale which could involve new flooring, decorating and landscaping. These improvements are costly and you would have to be careful not to spend more than the value you could add to your home's asking price. Also why would go to all the trouble to update interior decoration and exterior landscaping to not be able to enjoy them yourself!

Questions to ask?

Q. What is the market like? 

Q. Are houses selling quickly in your area? 

Q. Would you need to redecorate?

Q. Do your outdoor areas need major tidying and updating?

Q. Would you need to replace flooring?

If, after asking yourself these questions, you decide it will be easier to stay in your current home then what are the steps towards renovating and improving the areas of your home you are not 100% happy with.

Staying in the home you love can be an easier and more cost effective option. Ask yourself what it is that you are not happy with: 

- Would you like a new bathroom or kitchen? 

- Do you need an extra bedroom or office or studio space?

- Would you like to replace the windows/roof?

Extending your home can be as simple as adding an extra floor, over garage extension or adding a whole new room. If a studio is what you need you could just add a sleepout style building that doesn't even necessarily need to be attached to the main house. Putting in a brand new kitchen or bathroom can add value to your home and you can take the opportunity to adjust layout and include all new fixtures, fittings and appliances if you want to.

10 Reasons to renovate:

1. Cheaper: invest money in your home rather than spend it on moving costs.

2. Your style is already imprinted on your current home.

3. It's less stressful - moving is one of life's most stressful events.

4. So many memories to cherish in your current home especially if you have raised a family there.

5. Your current home can become your dream home.

6. Safe and secure - no strangers wandering through your house as potential buyers.

7. Start now - no waiting for house to sell.

8. More environmentally friendly to renovate than knock down and start over!

9. No need to rent if your house sells before you have found your new home.

10. It's quicker - on average 3 months to renovate whereas it can take many more than 3 months for a house to sell.

Seeking the assistance of professional renovators can help you avoid the "We should have done this " or "Why did we so this" questions. So before you pick up your toold contact Characterise Renovations at www.characterise.co.nz who specialise in Auckland wide home renovations.

There are many older homes in New Zealand and Characterise Renovations are highly experienced with villa renovation throughout Auckland. You don't need to move when you can improve with Characterise Renovations; the best renovation builders in Auckland!

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